Online meeting Tuesday, Dec 01 2020 01:00PM EST

ClickLearn Attain Trial License Training

In this ninety-minute webinar, we will go through the practical set up tips and main features required for getting your hands on ClickLearn Studio right away!

1. Proper Set Up including Resolution, Scaling & Connector Extension

2. Recording a Work Process

3. Editing and Enhancing Recording

4. Producing Learning Content Materials

5. Publishing Learning Content to your Portal!

Prior to this training session, it is recommended that you acquire a trial license key to ensure proper set up of your system within your own environment, which may involve assistance from your internal Systems Administrator.

There will be time allowed for Q&A during the session, and it will be recorded. Afterward, you will receive a link to the recorded session.

Presented by

Christine Eltz

Christine Eltz

Customer Success Manager


  • Jeff Daley
  • Michael Duncan
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