Announcement - May 05, 2021

ClickLearn to host a very short, digital conference on steroids

Challenged, as most businesses are these days, by the difficulties of arranging meaningful conferences and meetups, ClickLearn has decided to approach things a bit differently.

The "conference" is just 1 1/2 hours but promises to deliver fast-paced sessions in an interactive, newsroom-style format with some of the leading Microsoft MVPs and industry experts – a format that encourages engagement and involvement of its audience.

This event promises to provide an in-depth look at why user adoption is not only good for business but is critical to the success of any IT project.   

“We’ve all experienced webinar fatigue lately, and we felt that it was important to give our partners and customers a different digital conference experience. In this conference, we’re focusing on providing broadcast quality with relevant, interesting, and useful content. And we’re excited that we have managed to gather so many of the leading MVPs and experts in the Microsoft community. We expect a lot of interesting insights and real-life stories on user adoption and the future trends in digital transformation. We’re not Microsoft ERP thought-leaders but we’re happy to facilitate the gathering of so many prominent people, so our partners and customers can benefit from their knowledge and experience. I think it’s going to be an awesome and fun event.“ 

Joachim Schiermacher, CEO, ClickLearn 

ClickLearn is a key player in user adoption across business systems, particularly the D365 application suiteGlobally, more than 650 enterprise customers and over 8000 trained authors use ClickLearn to automate the creation of content for documentation and training. To address the different learning styles of employees, you can use the application to produce materials in a wide variety of formats and languages from a single click. The automation of the content creation process creates considerable savings for organizations in terms of costs, resources, and time. 

One of ClickLearn’s greatest strengths is its automated Replay feature that automatically updates content to reflect a change in the system or to automate the localization process so you can offer the same training in more than 45 languages. This ability is the foundation for the digital transformation and user adoption offering of ClickLearn that helps organizations achieve greater ROI on their implementations. 

Interested? Join the Partner Days conference on May 19th or 20th (depending on your time zone) 

See the Agenda and read more here