ClickLearn - Apr 01, 2020

ClickLearn launches its first Customer Community

Today marks a special day for ClickLearn and all our customers as we’re launching our very first online Customer Community.

The Community is a place where all ClickLearn users can learn more about ClickLearn, engage with their peers from other companies, submit feature requests and follow the latest developments in the product.

The platform will be regularly populated with educational content, and customers will be able to find relevant information about the ClickLearn application, including guides, tutorials, FAQs, and best practices, but also find tips and tricks on how they could structure and manage different aspects of their projects to bring them to an successful end.

The Community will also become ClickLearn’ s primary support channel and serve users as a platform where they can ask questions and search for answers. Users will be encouraged to help each other answer questions, however, the ClickLearn Support team will also actively monitor and participate on the Community to ensure that no question is overlooked, and that all questions are answered correctly and in a timely manner.

An especially exciting part about the Community is that it will facilitate interaction and knowledge exchange between our many different customers. All ClickLearn users will be able to meet and network with their peers from other companies, engage in discussions, share learnings and experiences, and get inspired by each other’s use cases and best practices.

Furthermore, the new platform will help facilitate ongoing communication between customers and our product team. Those with feature requests and ideas on how to improve ClickLearn can now submit them to the Community’s ideation category and get votes and feedback from other users. Our product team will carefully review all ideas and keep the community updated about their status and progress made.

Besides that, our product team will also use the Community to share important product updates, communicate releases as well as outline what product enhancements we’re currently working on - to keep customers up to date with the application’s development.

This is an exciting time for us as with this launch, we’re profoundly changing the way in which we provide support and communicate with our customers. We cannot wait to work together with our customers and build a thriving community to the benefit of everyone in the ClickLearn ecosystem.

Visit the Community here