ClickLearn - Mar 09, 2018

ClickLearn Tips & Tricks #5 - Group steps and make more effective documentation

When you record your business processes with ClickLearn, you can often end up with a recording with multiple steps in what is practically the same area of the screen. The screenshots can therefore be very similar to one another.  To make your documentation and training materials more effective by using as few screenshots as possible, the "Group" function in the editor comes in very handy. Here is a recording which navigates a number of fields on a Customer Order form in an ERP system.  


To use the Group function, I mark up the steps I wish to group and click on the Group button. 


Each grouping on steps can be configured as either a bulleted or numbered list, and allows you to decide how to crop the image. 


Grouping the steps together, allows me to only use one screenshot to show all four steps. 


I've now setup two groups, each with a number of steps in the same line on the form. With the Group function I am able to show 10 steps in just two screenshots. 


A few tips when using groups: 

  • Only group steps, which are on the same screen and relatively close to each other in the application. 
  • Never group steps which are not on the same screen/form/page/etc.
  • Grouping steps doesn't affect the video or ClickLearn Assist content you produce. 
  • If you delete a group, only the group is deleted, and not the steps/notes inside.