ClickLearn - Mar 15, 2016

Implementing ClickLearn - Introduction [Part 1]

This series of posts are intended for customers of ClickLearn, implementing ClickLearn for the first time within their organizations. We maintain and update this information with each release of ClickLearn to ensure that it is optimized for the current feature set.

ClickLearn introduces an abundance of features for creating and maintaining training material, Electronic Performance Support (EPSS) and documentation for many business platforms. The best implementations of ClickLearn are characterized by:

  • Organizational centralized author-competencies for the production and publishing of ClickLearn contents.
  • Business Process Owners record and note the content.
  • The organizational centralized users that truly know ClickLearn have a tight coupling with the Change Management function within the organization.

A documentation and learning project has little value if it is not maintained and resources should be put into change managing the ClickLearn documentation and EPSS.

Caption 1 The ClickLearn best practice implementation model.