ClickLearn - May 23, 2019

New frontier beckons for ClickLearn as company opens new Florida office

ClickLearn is proud to announce the opening of a new office in the US. The office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Under the leadership of ClickLearn's Chief Operating Officer, George Hardy, four new team members joined the ranks to fulfill new important roles.

ClickLearn aren’t strangers to ‘US Shores’, however. George, has been representing ClickLearn and our US customer base since 2016. Working from his private office, George has built respect and experience in the ERP space and is a integral member of the ClickLearn team.

The new five-person team will be well positioned to provide quick and efficient support to US customers and a 'local' welcome to all new US customers. The Florida office positions ClickLearn close to Dynamics Community HQ and will allow the US team to timezone demands simply unbelievable by the Copenhagen Team. You can find out which conferences ClickLearn are attending by visiting the conference page

ClickLearn's US team:

Us Team overview

ClickLearn is not currently recruiting for this office, but would love to hear from you if you have a skill set you think could be a good match for the company. Please visit to get in contact.