ClickLearn - May 24, 2019

Product Update: Release is out

Microsoft PowerBi and for Microsoft PowerApp

ClickLearn now has a dedicated connector for Microsoft PowerBi and for Microsoft PowerApp. Native application support for PowerBi and PowerApp will enable ClickLearn to perform to the same level you’ve come to expect from our other dedicated connectors. Seamlessly document your PowerBi and PowerApp work processes or include work processes originating in other pieces of supported software.

Issues resolved in this release.

  • Missing template entries added to the IFS Apps 10 connector.
  • Problem with auto translation function has been solved.
  • Problem with IFS Application 10 replay of user drop down button is solved. Re-record of step required.
  • CRM Inside Help is now able to connect to on premise installations using active directory security.
  • Improved Dutch translations for the video player.
  • Added support for new controls in IFS Apps 10 connector.
  • ClickLearn Cloud services for speech and translations updated due to changes in endpoints from third party providers.
  • Connector for Business Central has been updated to support the April 2019 release.
  • SCORM packages now stores and retrieves the full report for detailed evaluation displayed at the end of a video, even when course has been stopped and then resumed multiple times.