ClickLearn - Jun 21, 2019

Product Update: Release is out

Issues resolved in this release.

  • Connector for Business Central has been extended to automatically handle More Options and Less Options during replay. Re-record of click on these two buttons is required.
  • Improved support for Dynamics 365 UCI.
  • Problem with replay click on field label instead of actual input part of new April Spring release of Business Central has been solved.
  • IFS Scope Tool importer extended to import scenario and activity descriptions. Additionally, it is now possible to specify a directory for industry specific recordings which has precedence over the standard recording directory.
  • Video player optimized to skip steps more efficiently when questions in flow role is used. Re-produce is required.
  • Problem with produced walk-through page on NAV help projects not showing buttons for video and assist is solved.
  • Beta release of new QuickBooks online connector.
  • Beta release of IFS FSM6 connector.
  • Connection dialog in Business Central help projects has been re-designed to allow user to control tenant id and client id. This enables partners and customers to connect to multiple tenants.