ClickLearn - Aug 02, 2019

Product Update: Release is out

ClickLearn Studio now runs as 64-bit instead of 32-bit

This solves Out of Memory problems.

Issues resolved in this release.

  • Templated step numbering will now also include steps using instruction text.
  • Solved issue with note inserted between step and keyboard action that caused incorrect keyboard instruction.
  • IFS Apps 10 connector will now capture dropdown items correctly when cell is a combobox.
  • Missing steps in the produced web assist collection on a Shelf has been solved.
  • Beta release of connectors for Excel and Outlook 365.
  • Problem publishing produced content stored on an UNC path has been solved.
  • Missing template entry text for LSRetail on NAV 2018 and Business Central has been added.
  • You may now use the Microsoft Edge Dev to record and replay. Install the ClickLearn extension within Edge from the Google Chrome store.