ClickLearn - Sep 09, 2019

Product Update: Release is out

Beta version of Salesforce connector

ClickLearn has released a Beta version of new Salesforce connector. Although it is just an early release, those who are interested in trying it out are very welcome to reach out to Customer Care Director Per Ferdinandsen at and get the access.

Issues resolved in this release

  • Problem with Business Central connector where Replay was failing on popup menus with the same name has been solved. 
  • IFS Scope tool import error handling has been improved.
  • Technical support via Outlook that was broken due to change to 64-bit version of ClickLearn Studio has been fixed.
  • Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics NAV problem with Replay of filter field selection has been solved. Re-record required of the field menu item.
  • The MSI installer package now also includes a 64-bit version of the ClickLearn Studio.
  • Finance and Operations connector problem regarding Replay on table look-ups has been solved. Re-record required of lookup and grid selection steps