Dynamics 365 - Dec 18, 2019

Customer Case Story: Delivering end-to-end customer success with digital training

The IT industry throughout South America is booming as businesses seek ways to modernize - and digitize. Sao Paulo-based Microsoft partner, GRVPPE is at the forefront of the industry, serving customers in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, and even further afield in Costa Rica, Canada, Spain and Portugal.

Working with most major ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics as well as Oracle, SAP, and NetSuite, and serving customers in a variety of industries, GRVPPE would not be able to succeed without a flexible and quickly updateable, multi-lingual training portfolio.

Download the full Customer Case Story here and find out how GRVPPE delivers digital training with ClickLearn in their strive for end-to-end customer success.