Dynamics 365 - May 23, 2019

Interview: Dynamics 365 learning material strategy with ClickLearn

ClickLearn's CEO, Joachim Schiermacher recently took part in an interview with CRM Audio.

CRM Audio Interview


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The interview covers:

  • How did ClickLearn begin?
  • What training strategies do the most successful companies do?
  • Is managing training materials a full time job?
  • Managing training materials in different languages.
  • Best formats for learning materials
  • Support for the Power Platform
  • Guided learning with the “little man”

Joachim is one of the three original founders of ClickLearn, alongside Michael Randrup (Managing Director), and Michael Olsen (Chief Technical Officer). The three have worked together since they were teenagers at various points in their careers. ClickLearn was conceived after a period of working apart in 2009. Olsen had hit a brick wall in how to produce training material for the system he was working on. Olsen developed the original blueprint for ClickLearn to help himself to produce training material for his own work. 

After introducing the concept to Schiermacher and Randrup, the path forward was clear, and a business model was forged. The original software evolved to meet the needs of the initial customer base. This ongoing refinement has led the product to where it is today. The premise, however, has remained the same: a product that could produce training material quickly and smoothly, without editing, all from a single process.

ClickLearn began as a tool focused on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, however the solution now supports many ERP systems, web browsers, Windows apps and of course Microsoft Office.

To date, the team consists of 38 people, spread across a team in India, a team in the U.S., and a team at the HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The whole team consists a wide variety of different roles; from management, sales and marketing, to developers, support and design.

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