Dynamics 365 - Jul 30, 2019

QGate joins ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program

Our trusted partner QGate Software Ltd has joined the ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program and has become our first authorised CRM partner in the UK.

QGate is an established Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner with more than 22 years of expertise delivering successful CRM projects. Since becoming a ClickLearn Service Provider in February this year, they have spent more than 500 hours operating ClickLearn and have quickly acquired strong proficiency in the software, publishing more than 30 learning portals, with 250 recordings stretching across a dozen different applications. 

QGate is leveraging ClickLearn to support customers in a variety of ways along the lifecycle of a system implementation – including assisting system testers, onboarding new users, supporting staff and system efficiency, and ensuring compliance.

"We are excited about the versatility of the product and variety of ways in which we believe it can help our customers and new prospects with CRM and beyond,” said Rowland Dexter from QGate.

The Authorized Partner Program provides QGate with several ways to capitalise on their ClickLearn investment. Besides being able to offer ClickLearn as a service, QGate can now also re-sell ClickLearn licenses. We are very excited about the way QGate has incorporated ClickLearn into their business model, training and employing personnel specifically as ClickLearn super-users. 

We are looking forward to collaborating with QGate and executing joint marketing activities around the world. Welcome on board!