Dynamics NAV - Aug 20, 2019

Xenatus Global enters ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program

We are delighted to welcome our partner Xenatus Global to the ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program.

Xenatus Global is a multinational Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, ISV and an exclusive regional distributor of various industry add-on solutions. With its headquarters in Cyprus, regional offices throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, and more than 300 solutions resellers, the company serves a diversity of clients around the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Since Xenatus Global became a ClickLearn Service Provider earlier this year, the company has invested a tremendous amount of effort into building proficiency in the software, training its teams and incorporating ClickLearn into its business model. As an established ISV and VAR, Xenatus Global has been incorporating ClickLearn into various aspects of its extensive documentation and training infrastructure such as Xenatus University and other on-boarding and training tools.

”We are very pleased to have established such a close relationship with ClickLearn globally” said Fayçal Beydoun, Managing Partner at Xenatus Global, ”ClickLearn enables us to enhance our already prolific training programs to make them more tailored to each industry and even to each client’s specific needs”.

Joining the ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program opens new opportunities for Xenatus Global to capitalise on their ClickLearn investment and enhance their business. Besides utilizing ClickLearn as a value added service for clients, they can now also re-sell ClickLearn licenses to clients who would like to use ClickLearn internally.

We are very much looking forward to working closely with Xenatus Global on joint marketing initiatives around the world. Welcome on board!