IFS - May 24, 2022

A smooth transition to the IFS Cloud

Evergreen training materials and successful user adoption as you move into the cloud

Joachim Schiermacher

Joachim Schiermacher

Chief Executive Officer · jsc@clicklearn.com


With IFS Cloud you can now transition into being evergreen on your critical business system. Not only will you get instant access to the latest feature sets, user performance improvements and newest technology. But you will be doing so without running time consuming and costly upgrade projects. In many businesses staying current on technology will provide a competitive head start and raise efficiency in your core processes. 

Welcome to the new world of IFS Cloud and evergreen.  

84 % of digital adoption projects fail 

When transitioning to a new business system, you are working against the odds. Odds are that it will fail. According to a Forbes 2019 study, 84 % of digital adoption projects fail (Forbes, 2019), taking collateral damage to business strategy and team morale. Two key reasons are a lack of clear strategy and a poorly defined vision for the transformation. But a relatively large portion of the total wrecks is grounded in poor adoption to technology and a race-like focus on the launch date, after which the adoption resources are dissipated, going back to their daily tasks without focusing on the user adoption and performance support. 

The user adoption space 

In the dark ages, where we had training prior to launching our systems, where we trained the trainer and delivered smiley reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of our training, we were living in the age of event driven training. We relied on that single event to deliver everything to a user in one go. In todays IT landscape and average large organization has around 175 apps deployed into their organization (Okta Inc., 2021). With 4 annual evergreen updates rolled out to that organization, you would see why the concept of event driven training comes an end. We are simply running out of training days. 

Improved software solutions allow us transition from event driven training to a training universe, that is open 24/7, available inside the application and can be called up, when you have the resources to study or even as you are performing the task live inside the system. 

In the present age of training, we generally divide the space into two separate categories: 

Training & on-boarding, which delivers baseline training for being able to do the job, that employees need to do. n 

Performance support, the post training support system, that allow people access to infrequently performed processes (think travel expenses, which you might do monthly, but will never really be an expert on) as well as training in updated processes live inside the system.  

Training & on-boarding, focuses on providing base knowledge of processes, methodologies, concepts and user interface elements. Many learnings on the mechanics of a business are conducted not through performing tasks, but by understanding underlying IT systems, that correlate directly to how we operate our businesses. As such the IT system is a micro cosmos of the inner workings of our business. By making training 24/7 available to our staff in our critical business systems we provide valuable insights into what is important for our business and rules of engagement from the perspective of customers, production, prioritization, etc. And by keeping such training we can deliver the same experience to new employees as they enter our business. 

Performance support on the other hand is the extended hand of our IT-support function inside the application. In its ultimate version it allows users to call up a digital assistant, that will simply guide the users inside the live application in performing their tasks. As they progress through the training, so does the virtual assistant, taking them by the hand and when the “training session” is done so is the work, they set out to perform. 

ClickLearn and IFS Cloud 

At ClickLearn we deliver a Training and Digital Adoption Solution, that will allow you to deliver 24/7 available learning experiences as well as a full Performance Support solution by simply recording your work processes once. We will keep your content current by means of our automated replay function, so as your solution change and you deploy IFS updates to your cloud, we will assure that your learning platform works perfectly on all your processes. 

ClickLearn is not just for IFS, so if your processes take you outside the IFS Cloud universe we will be able to follow you there and deliver the exact same learning and performance support experience, you are getting inside IFS Cloud. 

If you are wondering how you will manage testing all your processes before taking on IFS Cloud updates to ensure, that nothing is broken. We also have a solution for that. We call it APT and it basically allow you to use your process documentation recorded in ClickLearn as the foundation for running complex test scenarios automatically and with zero code.