We believe in finding the right solution for the right customer and ClickLearn checks off all the boxes: rapid content delivery, multiple modes of learning, and an Assist feature that will help end-users find help quickly and within the system. We are excited to work with our customers on how to best utilize this system as a part of their overall training ecosystem. 

Sydney Stoner 
Manager of Training Services & Programs 

The ClickLearn solution reduces support time and enables effective implementations for Alithya by providing real-time guidance in video and text format through automated instructions and the in-app assistant.

Alithya believes that their clients can benefit from using ClickLearn and apply it to processes and technology that make their businesses unique.

Alithya is one of the largest Microsoft partners in North America, with a practice that covers Dynamics, Azure, Power Apps, Business and Advanced Analytics, Digital Solutions, and Architecture. Focused on business outcomes and delivering a digital transformation that starts with go-live, Alithya has delivered Microsoft solutions to hundreds of clients across manufacturing, professional services, and healthcare industries.