For Notora, it is obvious to collaborate with ClickLearn, as many of ClickLearn’s solutions are essential in relation to many of the common problems that food companies are facing today, such as documentation through e-learning and complicated work processes. 

Mathias Pedersen, PR & Communications consultant

The ClickLearn solution reduces support time and enables effective implementations for Notora by providing real-time guidance in video and text format through automated instructions and the in-app assistant.

Notora believes that their clients can benefit from using ClickLearn and apply it to processes and technology that make their businesses unique.

Through the collaboration with the international ERP specialists on the food field, Aptean, Notora has built up a great amount of know-how about the food industry and its embedded issues. As an ERP provider, Notora has never had a stronger toolbox. This is in relation to helping food companies to optimize and streamline internal workflows through functional tools for management and financial processes. We have seen the development and settlement of IT systems. To catch up on the development of the food industry, Notora has always made sure to invest in the latest knowledge, which includes the food-specific application Foodware 365. This is to be at the forefront of the ERP market within the food industry and areas such as Cloud solutions, AI, and IoT in relation to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Power Platforms, and Azure.