ClickLearn is a cost-effective way to help our customers rapidly become an empowered workforce.

Vladimir Ekimov, CEO

ClickLearn complements Vav consultants by enabling them to provide customer-specific training, end-user documentation, and guided assistance quickly and efficiently 24/7.

Vav consultants believes that their clients can benefit from using ClickLearn and apply it to processes and technology that make their businesses unique.

Our work is extremely innovative, and we help our clients to think beyond the existing business processes and "the way things are"​ to be able to take their business "the way things should be"​. We are providing for over 22 years a wide range of financial-accounting and tax solutions that help business and make it profitable. Today, the digital accounting, digital corporate finance is part of our ERP's online business solution. Our strategy is based on the Cloud Computing concept as a combination of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft 365 and Office 365 proposing solutions as an integrated enterprise process management system.