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System requirements

The following describes the minimum system requirements for the ClickLearn Studio application version 12 (or newer).

  • Operating system (OS): Microsoft Windows (7 or later)
  • Software available on OS: Microsoft Office (2013 or later)¹, Google Chrome (v63 or later)² or new Microsoft Edge (chromium-based only)²
  • Other software components available on OS: Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Microsoft, .Net 4.8 Framework (or later)
  • Storage: Minimum 100Mb disk storage³ 
  • Internet (for online services): Internet access (https/ip port 443) to: portal.clicklearn.com, portalapi.clicklearn.com, upload.clicklearn.com, content.clicklearn.com, services.clicklearn.dk
  • Input: Mouse (for optimal accuracy we highly recommend using an external mouse) and keyboard
  1. Only required if producing Microsoft Word and Excel office file formats offline.
  2. Only required if recording on Microsoft Dynamics 365 products or web-apps.
  3. Total storage needed for saving and producing files offline for publication to end-users may vary depending on many variables such as screen resolution, file formats produced, video size, number of steps in recordings, number of recordings, etc.