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How to build e-learning for your Dynamics 365 project in minutes

Are you introducing a new Dynamics 365 installation or project? We will demonstrate how ClickLearn will change the way you create, maintain, and execute training for virtually any business platform. In this fast-paced session, you will see why ClickLearn has become the most treasured solution for deploying learning content for any Dynamics project. 

We will take you through: 

Recording your processes. We will demonstrate how easily you can create and edit recordings, and how you can automatically create 7 different formats of learning from a single recording. 

Replaying processes when your system changes. We will introduce you to the Replay feature. ClickLearn is the only solution, that offers an automatic upgrade of your content when your business system changes. Your learning curriculum will be forever current at the click of a button.  

Multi-language training? Solved! ClickLearn has a unique multi-language capability, that allows you to record in a single language and automatically select screenshots and instructional texts from other regionalized versions of your user-interface. If you’ve ever done multi-language training, this is a must-see. 

Planning for the learning project. We will run you through the 5-point checklist of your next learning project. Get acquainted with audiences, availability, and other concepts that will allow you to create better training for your business system implementations. 

Using Learning Analytics to enhance your end-users’ experiences. How do the most successful ClickLearn clients change their learning content based on Learning Analytics? We will take you through some real-life cases of customers’ successes with Learning Analytics.

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