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Execute multi-language training in 10% of the time for Dynamics 365

If you are planning a cross-region implementation of Dynamics 365, either on a single regionalized system or with multiple regionalized user interfaces, ClickLearn is your aid in battle. In this session, we will deep-dive into the typical multi-language scenarios and why they are painful. But more importantly, why multi-language training is virtually impossible to maintain without a solution dedicated to this particular problem. 

We will take you through: 

  • Training at a cost. The cost of creating training is typically acceptable at the implementation stage. Typically there is no allocation on the maintenance of that training. What happens when you upgrade your system? What is the experience for your new employees that weren’t in the company when you implemented your system? 
  • A typical multi-language scenario. We will take you through a typical multi-language scenario, that most international enterprises face when they are doing cross-region implementations of Dynamics. 
  • Delivering a multi-language learning portal with ClickLearn. We will demonstrate how easily you can record, edit, maintain, and deploy your learning content for cross-application, cross-platform processes. 
  • Adopting to change. How does ClickLearn facilitate and reduce cost in keeping your learning materials current with the version you are working on? We will show you how easily you can replay your processes on an upgraded system and automatically recapture all learning content for your end-users. 

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Monday, Oct 25 2021 | 02:00PM EDT

Alexander Nassl Organizer

Alexander Nassl

Founder, Consultant, Engineer

Daniel Garcia Presenter

Daniel Garcia

Global Partner Account Manager

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Christine Eltz

Product Evangelist

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ClickLearn is the leading solution for the automatic creation of training material for business software. The ClickLearn solution saves time and ensures user adoption by automating the process of creating training material. Record your processes and the solution produces step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and process videos. With a single click, you can produce a complete e-learning portal in 45 languages.