Success in 90 days with the ClickLearn Partner Program

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Clicklearn for D365

Success in 90 days with the ClickLearn Partner Program

Are you a Microsoft Partner and want to know about the benefits of becoming a ClickLearn Partner and reselling ClickLearn? - this webinar is for you!

The ClickLearn partner program is also our promise to you and your organization of success in 90 days.

Daniel Garcia and Martin Flensborg will take you through our idea of partnerships. Our #OneTeam enablement program, that will allow you to easily monetize the extensive marketing efforts undertaken by ClickLearn. Partnerships are all about happy clients, more leads and opportunities and increased business and we will demonstrate how we have compiled our partnership program. We will cover:

  • Success in 90 days – a new way of thinking partnerships.
  • How you can generate more business with a ClickLearn partnership.
  • A brief Demo of ClickLearn #OneTeam partner enablement program.

Finally – how to get started today and in only 90 seconds

Key take-aways

  • Learn why user adoption is good business and how it drives growth
  • Get a complete overview of the roadmap to become a ClickLearn Partner
  • See how you generate new revenue streams with ClickLearn
  • Learn how you can generate more pipeline with our OneTeam webinars

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