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Clicklearn for D365

From zero to e-learning inside Microsoft Dynamics in one power hour

Do you want to increase your user-adoption rates significantly and improve end-user satisfaction and retention? In this 60-minute webinar we will show you how you can deliver all this and more. No PowerPoint slides, just live demos of the cores features in ClickLearn.

This webinar is aimed at everybody who needs to deliver documentation, e-learning and materials for Microsoft Dynamics. Whether you produce custom ISV solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics, have multiple custom client projects which also includes training and support or are end-users of the Microsoft Dynamics software.

Keeping up with today’s rapid release cycles is a pain, when it comes to documentation and training materials – and If your projects or solutions are delivered across many localized versions it just adds to this pain.

Training end-users, in their preferred language, during the on-boarding process of a new implementation and continuously supporting those user’s is a very time consuming task.

Delivering a high-quality solution or customer project, requires relevant and current learning materials of equal high-quality, made available to the end-users in several formats depending on the situations where they need assistance. This will include online help and downloadable manuals, PowerPoint style walk-throughs and walk-through videos for workshops and class-room training. Hands-on labs and e-learning videos for self-study – and live on-screen assistance for guiding the users through a task when they get stuck.

In this 60-minute webinar we will show you how you can deliver all this and more. No PowerPoint slides, just a live demonstration of the cores features in ClickLearn.


Key take-aways

  • Using ClickLearn to capture every task inside Microsoft Dynamics
  • See ClickLearn produce a full featured learning portal with video, written documentation, hands-on-labs and Virtual Assistants, that guide the users through the live system
  • Maintain and automatically update work instructions by using the Replay-feature
  • Make all your learning content available inside Microsoft Dynamics with ClickLearn InsideHelp
  • Integrating with the surrounding world, deploying content, integrating with Learning Management Systems
  • Using the ClickLearn editor to completely control the delivered results
  • Replaying a recording to automatically produce localized documentation
  • Creating books and shelves to produce full featured e-learning portals for your specific business roles
  • Using ClickLearn Assist to reduce the support burden

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