We were in the middle of a very large implementation that was going to require an extensive set of documentation. We ran into the ClickLearn team at the Directions conference and we were favorably impressed with their solution, and it appeared to be a good foundation to help us solve the issue in this one project. But as we got into the solution and worked with the ClickLearn team more, it became clear that this really had broader applications. And now we have evolved to a point where the ClickLearn documentation is included in every new project work order, and it’s up to the customer to tell us to take it out. We just believe there’s such a benefit to the end-user to having this solution that we owe it to them to make sure we include it.

Tom Doran, Chief Marketing Officer

Innovia  chose ClickLearn because they believe the ability to complement their Dynamics solutions with unique e-learning, documentation, and testing provides significant value to Innovia customers.

Clicklearn’s automated replay feature eliminates the need to manually rewrite work instructions and retake screenshots – this is a great help for Innovia  when they have customers who need to upgrade to the newest D365 solution.

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