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Introductory 25 Jun, 2019

Achieve rapid user adoption and automate creating work instructions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ClickLearn

ClickLearn eliminates the need to manually write and maintain your Microsoft Dynamics 365 work instructions, and you'll be able to produce all your work instructions in a language of your choice. It is also possible to auto-upgrade your work instructions when you upgrade your version. In this webinar you will see how.

Create consistent and always up-to-date work instructions

〉 Automatically produces your work instructions in every language you require.
〉 Delivers uniform work instructions following your corporate template
〉 Eliminates the problem that multiple styles create for your users.

Convert all work instructions for the new version when you do upgrades

〉 Automatically updates your work instructions for the new version, including new screenshots.
〉 Red flags every change in the new version that requires a change in your current work instructions.

Deliver all work instructions to your users, live and from the inside of your application

〉 Makes your new employees productive from their first day on the job.
〉 Eliminates the “how do I …?” and the “where is the …?” questions that waste valuable help desk time and super user time.
〉 Enables high accuracy in executing your business processes.

Single-click production of high quality training materials in 7 formats

〉 Delivers the “classic” formats: Word, PDF and PowerPoint, with screenshots.
〉 Also produces narrated, interactive training videos playable on any device.
〉 Tests and scores your users (SCORM compliant) for export to your LMS.
〉 Provides your users with 24/7 training on demand via an automated Learning Portal that offers profile based user access from inside their live system.
〉 Provides the same capabilities in various applications – through connectors to MS Office and other Web or Windows based software.

Get up and running with ClickLearn in your own environment within 2 hours

〉 Free online installation and training.
〉 Requires no infrastructure investment.
〉 Required no consultancy expense.

Hosted & presented by

Aaron S. Efendi

Aaron S. Efendi

Sales Manager
Lars Heinrich

Lars Heinrich

Training Manager

Key take-aways

  • Using ClickLearn to capture every work instruction
  • See ClickLearn produce a full featured learning portal with video, written documentation, hands-on-labs and Virtual Assistants, that guide the users through the live system
  • Maintain and automatically update work instructions by using the Replay-feature
  • Integrating with the surrounding world, deploying content, integrating with Learning Management Systems
  • Using the ClickLearn editor to completely control the delivered results
  • Replaying a recording to automatically produce localized documentation
  • Creating books and shelves to produce full featured e-learning portals for your specific business roles
  • Using the Virtual Assistant to reduce the support burden

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