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ClickLearn captures complicated work processes in popular business software. With just a click you can produce multi-format learning materials, in any language, and publish to a 24/7 learning portal

7 Learning Formats · Multi-language Learning Materials · 24/7 Learning Portal

7 formats of learning

ClickLearn produces the right learning format for any training situation

Show me video

A video walk through of the process you’ve recorded with narration in your language of choice.

Try Me Video

An interactive simulation of your work environment guiding you through the desired process.

Test Me Video

Take your learning to the test. Like the try me video, this interactive simulation of your work environment allows you to test your knowledge of the process without the hints.

Online Documentation

A step by step guide. written by ClickLearn, with perfectly cropped screenshots.

Offline Documentation

Download your documentation in .pdf or .docx (Word) for printing and sharing, and PowerPoint for classroom training.

Classroom Training

Download a PowerPoint version of your process making classroom learning a breeze. Your company branding is included as standard and all the images and text are the correct size for screen or projector.

ClickLearn Assist

ClickLearn Assist is your go to helper whenever you’re stuck, in need of process help or trying out a new process on the live system. Accessible from directly within your ERP system, you never need to worry about making a mistake again.

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Work instructions published in a beautiful learning portal

Publish your work instructions as a full e-learning portal, targeted to your audiences and available 24/7 on all devices.


ClickLearn is so much more than just documentation

The ClickLearn application is capable of lot more than creating, maintaining, and deploying your valuable documentation.

Explore our connectors here 

Web Connector

Record your web based activity with our web connector which covers 90% of all web-based applications.

Windows Connector

The ClickLearn Windows connector can record 90% of Windows applications. so you can also record work instructions even when you're outside of your business systems.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office connector will support recording of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and any other Microsoft Office-based application. Deliver high-quality documentation on all Office-platforms from Microsoft Office 2000 and up to Office/365.

ClickLearn is built for change

Updating to a new version of your ERP system has never been easier. Click the replay button and ClickLearn will automatically update all work instructions to match the new version of your software.

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