What is ClickLearn?

Digital Adoption & User Training in one solution

In just a few clicks with ClickLearn, you’ll be able to auto-produce and update training content and documentation in 7 different formats and 45 languages. 

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What is ClickLearn?​

ClickLearn is a Digital Adoption Platform. It starts by capturing work processes in enterprise software. From the captured processes, the platform auto-produces learning content in 7 formats and 45 languages.  A customizable eLearning portal saves the content. Finally, it helps keep content and documentation evergreen and up-to-date with the unique Replay functionality.

ClickLearn is the market-leading solution for the automatic creation of training material and documentation for enterprise software, including Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Acumatica, and more. 

Digital Adoption For Enterprise Business Systems With Clicklearn

The benefits of using ClickLearn

ClickLearn saves time and ensures that users are successfully onboarded onto your software by automating the process of creating training material and documentation. The unique recording technology delivers a superior learning experience for the end user and makes life easier for IT departments and management.

Save 80% Time On Your Training Production

Save 80% time on your training production

ClickLearn auto-produces training materials in 7 different formats including narrated videos, PDFs, classroom presentations, and a live assistant inside the business system. Get quick, accurate, up-to-date content in your corporate style. 

Adapt To The Frequent 
Software Release Cycles

Adapt to the frequent software release cycles

All learning material produced with ClickLearn is automatically updated when using the unique “Replay” technology, always keeping your documentation updated. Quit using outdated training material.

Onboard, Engage And Upskill Your Global Teams

Onboard, engage and upskill your global teams

Reduce support tickets with in-app guidance and an user-friendly eLearning portal. We enable training managers to create and maintain uniform and consistent training courses, across business systems, in 7 formats and 45 languages.

Measure Usage And Ensure User Adoption

Measure usage and ensure user adoption

ClickLearn monitors and evaluates end-user consumption of learning material. All materials produced with ClickLearn are SCORM-compliant and can be easily imported into any LMS or KMS.
Record Business Processes Across Applications

Record business processes across applications

Cover the full digital infrastructure. If your process leaves an application, ClickLearn follows. Cross-system instructions are created with the same consistent high quality.

Ensure Complete Compliance

Ensure complete compliance

The fully customizable templating system ensures uniform and consistent material, meeting corporate and governmental standards.
Auto-Produce Documentation

Auto-produce documentation

It writes the user instructions for you.

You’ll write and format materials in up to 80% less time. Get quick, accurate, up-to-date content in your corporate style.

Keep Content Current

Keep content current

Quit using outdated training material.

Automatic process for updates. The unique system recognizes changes after modifications and/or process changes.

Produce Better Materials

Produce better materials

SCORM-compliant and LMS-ready.

A single click yields instructions in multiple formats: video, written, classroom training, onscreen guidance, and more. 

Scalable Employee Onboarding

Scalable employee onboarding

Deploy the ubiquitous, user-friendly eLearning portal in 24 hours or less. It organizes, controls, and monitors the onboarding and continuous learning of end-users.

Work Across Platforms

Work across platforms

Cover the full digital infrastructure. If your process leaves an application, ClickLearn follows. Cross-system instructions are created with the same consistent high quality.
Stay Compliant​​

Stay compliant​​

Create clear-cut instructional material, documentation, and training that meets industry-specific standards. Operate more efficiently and give staff a thorough understanding of expectations.

Low Implementation Cost​

Low implementation cost​

Ensure ROI and knock 40% off the training budget. Automate processes for creating and maintaining documentation and training material.  

No complexity. No infrastructure. No consultancy costs.

It's easy to get started

Are you still creating work instructions in Word?

Make your software investment a success. Prioritize training and user adoption in your IT implementation.

With ClickLearn ...

Create content faster, onboard better, and make updates easier

... the old way

Creating & maintaining documentation is a never-ending hassle


Initially, we had 2 people, full time for 6 months creating and revising work instructions, they had about 40 in Word document format.

With ClickLearn, in about half that time, I’ve created 120 work instructions in Word, PowerPoint and video formats, plus the virtual assistant. And the videos are such high quality.

Erin Pidcock, Operational Development Manager, Multiplex

Availability. Relevance. Quality. Analytics.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

ClickLearn is built on these principles to maximize user adoption:

Availability. Provide learning for any given situation, at any time. Including accommodating for learning and language preferences.

Relevance. Auto-update materials after version upgrades to keep learning materials fresh. Use unique technology that re-captures and fixes broken processes.

Quality. Get consistent high-quality user instructions, in the language of your choice, no matter who is authoring. Formatted to align with your corporate identity.

Analytics. Use the platform to improve, using learning analytics. Subjective feedback loops and objective analytics contribute to successful user adoption.