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Here’s how to automate training content for Dynamics 365 upgrades

Are you skeptical about upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central or Finance & Operations? Many companies are reluctant to upgrade because of fears about a negative impact on existing processes and worker productivity.

Thought leadership

The Top 3 Digital Transformation Challenges for L&D: How to Overcome Them

As L&D continues to grow and adapt, so do the challenges training professionals face in their roles. In no other time has this been more apparent than in 2020, when digital transformation became not just a nice-to-have but necessary for survival.

ClickLearn for D365

Spotlight on manufacturing and distribution: Accelerate user training in Dynamics F&O

Accelerate user adoption in manufacturing & distribution organizations for greater worker performance, process success, and broader organizational initiatives.

ClickLearn for D365

The Magic of ClickLearn

Come see how the magic of ClickLearn can help you create a complete e-learning portal in just a few clicks!

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