ClickLearn Features

The key to fast, accurate, up-to-date content in your corporate style.

Recording technology

Auto-produce documentation and training for your work procedures

At the core of ClickLearn is its unique recording technology. All you need to do is press “record” and go through the steps in your procedure. ClickLearn will use the recording to automate creation of high-quality training materials.

Recording Technology

7 learning formats

Ensure the right learning for everyone

With 7 learning formats available, ClickLearn produces the right learning format for any training situation. Choose ShowMe, TryMe, and TestMe plus PowerPoint slides for classroom training, and interactive videos for self-learning. Materials are available in .pdf or .docx (Word) for printing and sharing, HTML for SharePoint, website, or even directly in your business application.

7 Learning Formats

eLearning portal

Access learning on all devices

Available 24/7 and on all devices. All content is published into a full eLearning portal with videos, written instructions, full search capabilities, and built-in tracking. With an embedded hyperlink, it can be published anywhere, or on-premise as needed.
Elearning Portal


Record across all platforms

ClickLearn supports surrounding business applications including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, IFS, Salesforce, Oracle – and Microsoft Office, and Windows- and browser based applications.
Record Across Platforms With Clicklearn


Keep your documentation up-to-date

Automatically update documentation and training materials when changes are made to business systems.
Replay By Clicklearn

Learning Analytics

Get user adoption insights

Get instant feedback and analytics. End-users rate their learning experience and provide first-hand insight into the learning material.
Learning Analytics

Virtual Assistant

'Unstick' users with on-screen guidance

The Virtual Assistant provides users with live, on-screen guidance. It goes across platforms for full coverage through various business processes. 
Virtual Assistant

User eXperience Panel

Put employee training on autopilot

The User eXperience Panel (UXP) provides exact and relevant instructions, answering questions related to each user’s software platform, job function, and even the company and how it operates


ClickLearn helped us create these instructional videos extremely quickly – in less than an hour we could create instructions just by pointing and clicking, and in multiple languages. We’ve essentially made an in-app training portal that houses over 25 detailed videos made using ClickLearn. This helps ensure that all parts of the solution are fully utilized.

Aly Breeman, Product Manager, K3|pebblestone