ClickLearn is founded by three IT pioneers with a passion for, and a deep understanding of, the complexity of ERP systems

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Rethinking training, onboarding, and documentation in ERP systems.

A passion for, and a deep understanding of, the complexity of ERP systems is what unites the three founders of ClickLearn. In a rapidly developing digital world, they realized that the need for quality, varied learning material would only become more acute over time. When these 3 founders set out to develop software to meet this challenge, they had little idea that they were building an unparalleled, versatile solution with many completely unique features.

After first adapting software for the Microsoft Dynamics platform, it didn’t take long before it was clear that all ERP software needs advanced training software. The solution now supports the vast majority ERP systems, web browsers, Windows apps and of course Microsoft Office. If you’re in doubt about ClickLearn’s coverage of a specific platform, just ask us!

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What does Clicklearn do?

ClickLearn automates the content creation process for training and documentation materials.

It records your processes and instantly turns them into learning materials or instructions in 7 different learning formats: Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and interactive videos.

All your recordings form the basis of a learning portal that can be automatically translated into more than 45 languages.

End users are supported by the virtual assistant to help get them ‘unstuck’ immediately.

People helping people​

At the heart of ClickLearn is our patient and devoted support team. These are the true ClickLearn experts.

They help hundreds of customers when they are stuck with their tasks. The Support Team takes calls and does remote sessions with a ‘first-day response, second-day resolution’ target.

When you have an issue, you are assigned a ticket number, either from inside ClickLearn Attain or via e-mail. Morten and Michael will pick up your ticket and contact you to guide you to a resolution.

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70% of software implementations fail. Yours can be a success!

Since 2013, we’ve helped more than 800 companies improve their digital adoption. Create content faster, onboard user better, and upgrade changes easier.

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Digital Adoption & User Training

Auto-produce & update training content and documentation in 7 different formats and 45 languages with just a few clicks.

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