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Better materials

Quality is truly what matters to our more than 8100 authors. ClickLearn Attain delivers a whole new option of visuals for all the materials generated with your recordings.  The publishing settings inside ClickLearn Attain let you take full control of every detail of your produced material while maintaining a clear overview in an easy-to-use interface.

Every component in your learning portal is trackable, and ClickLearn Analytics™ delivers valuable insights on the usage of your learning portal, virtual assistants, and videos.

At work, from home, day or night

ClickLearn Attain delivers on the proposition of learning anywhere, anytime. Deploy your learning content to our ContentCloud™, create targeted audiences for it, and seamlessly deliver a unique experience to your end-users whether they are working from home, at work, on a mobile device, tablet, PC, Mac or from inside your business applications, no matter what the time.

Easy customization

Customizing the appearance and features of your learning portal has never been easier. Change, preview, and configure the special appearance for parts of your materials. Everything is easily performed from within the Publishing settings. You can import your customization from a previous project or even promote your changes to a corporate standard for every project in your business.

Analyze user adoption

The unique ClickLearn Attain Analytics™ delivers up-to-date information on how your materials are being consumed, time zones, locations, but most importantly all the information is presented in intuitive dashboards, to deliver meaningful insights on the consumption of your materials. These insights enable you to investigate what works and what needs to be adjusted.

The data behind every view in ClickLearn Analytics can easily be extracted and downloaded.

Virtual assistant

Every single recording in ClickLearn Attain is automatically converted into a virtual assistant that guides the user within the live system.

We have added over 10 new features to the virtual assistant, including the ability to branch a process depending on certain conditions, collect a process into substeps, and to do on-screen walkthroughs of an entire screen.

The assistant works across applications and delivers a seamless experience for the end-user. You can easily customize the appearance of the assistant in the Publishing settings.