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Built-in support

ClickLearn Attain introduces an innovative approach to increasing your skill set by providing direct access to several means of guidance, training, and support for users at all levels. The entire ClickLearn services offering, whether inside the application, on our learning platform, or through a phone call with our brilliant team of supporters are tailored to move you forward as fast as possible.

Get started with our in-application guidance

As you progress into the ClickLearn Attain application, the in-application guidance system gets your started. Here you are provided with short, valuable walkthroughs covering all the main features of ClickLearn. Additionally, the in-app virtual assistants guide you through the steps to achieve results. There is no doubt that the in-app guidance system will be your new best friend as you start creating your first learning projects.

Enhance your skills in ClickLearn Universe™

ClickLearn Universe™ is the new gamified learning experience for improving your skills in ClickLearn Attain. We have a large team dedicated to keeping the ClickLearn Universe experience current and engaging for our audiences. Whether you are just starting with ClickLearn or you are an experienced ClickLearn author, the ClickLearn Universe will take you on a voyage – a space voyage. Centered around the concept of space, stars, and planets, ClickLearn Universe will be your favorite place for consuming bite-size learning units on ClickLearn Attain.

ClickLearn Universe delivers in-app training exercises and a range of targeted training sessions on the topics you find most interesting. As you progress through the training, you will be provided with a complete education, certifying your knowledge of ClickLearn Attain. We are extremely proud – not just to have an active ClickLearn authoring community, but that ClickLearn skills are actively sought after in numerous recruitments around the world. We want to deliver the best possible opportunities for our ClickLearn authors to certify their skills.

Naturally, we have integrated the Universe experience inside ClickLearn Attain.

Contribute and share knowledge in our Community

ClickLearn is proud of its growing community.These active authors are contributing daily with ideas on improvements and best practices for using ClickLearn in specific scenarios. The community is not only a valuable source of information for us at ClickLearn, but is by far the fastest place to get help if you're stuck. Our support team is constantly monitoring the community area and delivering fast responses. Every ClickLearn author is automatically logged in to our community. You can access the community directly from within the ClickLearn Attain application.

People helping people

At the heart of ClickLearn is our support team superheroes. These are the true experts on ClickLearn and they help hundreds of customers when they are stuck with their tasks. All in a days work. Our support staff are incredibly patient because they truly understand the frustrations that authors sometimes experience.

We have a first-day response, second-day resolution target, and we normally take calls and do remote sessions. And even though you're assigned a ticket number, either from inside ClickLearn Attain or if you send us an e-mail, it is either Tobias, Morten, Lars, Michael, or Tracy who will pick up your ticket, call you, and guide you to a resolution.

It’s just people helping people.