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Deployment anywhere

Deploying a full learning portal, with built-in-tracking, full search capabilities, videos, written instructions, virtual assistants, targeted audiences, and security across all platforms is not a trivial task. In ClickLearn Attain all of this comes with the click of a button. 

Inside business systems

ClickLearn Attain content can be accessed directly from within your business systems, either using our validated and certified solutions for Dynamics BC, F&O or CE, or through easily deployed hyperlinks, scripts or using our services. We’ll take care of the fine details of validating users through the business applications, tracking your content, and making the Virtual Assistant available in the right context. We will provide you with the instructions as an integral part of the deployment process to get your content to its end destination: your business system.

24/7 available learning platforms

Substituting your classroom training is not just a good idea – it's a brilliant one. Not only does an e-learning platform allow you to train the new employees who did not previously benefit from the onboarding that you carried out as part of the implementation of your business system, but it also offers the extra advantage for end users to train when and where they want.

ClickLearn Attain delivers one deployment for your entire organization – independent of devices, location, and time zones. It's current too – all the time.


Do you want to host the ClickLearn content yourself? No problem. We’ll create a folder for you to copy onto your web-site. We can even track content usage on our backend, providing you the same insights as customers serving their content from the ClickLearn ContentCloud™.

Learning management systems

Large enterprises with an established learning management system (LMS) can take advantage of all the unique content creation capabilities of ClickLearn. We will provide SCORM packages for all major LMS platforms to directly integrate into your established learning methodology. ClickLearn Attain will even be able to deliver the Virtual Assistant experience on your LMS platform, allowing your users hands-on support inside the business application directly from the learning unit.

Live assistant

Your live assistant is available anywhere you deploy. It guides you through your processes, and is directly available from your learning materials or from the Virtual Assistant application inside your business system. It is even available across your different systems, platforms, and on web and Windows applications.