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Faster Results

ClickLearn Attain is your key to fast, accurate, up-to-date content in your corporate style

Whether you are recording new business processes, editing existing learning units, replaying on an updated set of instructions, or even tailoring the fine details of your output, everything you see in ClickLearn is carefully designed to deliver a flawless and lightning-fast experience. When you reengage with the application – even months after using it – ClickLearn guides you quickly back to your previous speed.

Record faster

At the core of ClickLearn is its unique recording technology, that understands your actions within the underlying business system. Whether you are recording on a Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft 365, SAP, IFS, SalesForce, or even a custom web or windows application, the results are always the same high-quality experience. We’ve just added an extra 30% identification on custom applications, improved recording ability on all Dynamics-technologies, and better user experience in nailing the recordings for custom applications.

ClickLearn Attain has the only recording experience that enables you to both record a full process in one go or single steps that you can edit individually as you go through your process. ClickLearn carefully monitors your actions and ensures, that you capture all the steps. This allows you to do advanced editing inside the recording experience while constantly being forewarned of any potential conflicts in the material when you update your business system.


ClickLearn is the only onboarding solution that supports automated replay when your business system changes. This allows you to effectively align your learning materials to the current version of your business system, at the click of a button.

We have created a completely robust experience with the ClickLearn Attain application, allowing you to maintain the validity of your data, as you do your recording, add breakpoints to difficult processes and single-step your way through the replaying process.

Data is continuously changing within your systems, and in those rare cases where data necessary for the replay is removed or no longer available, ClickLearn detects this and prompts you to update before continuing.

Intuitive cross-format editing

ClickLearn Attain delivers a single editing process for all your content, whether you are adding notes, annotated screenshots, or chapters to your recordings. ClickLearn will seamlessly deliver your changes across all your content in your see-me-, try-me-, test-me-videos, virtual assistants, written materials, and learning portal. If you make changes to the appearance of your templates, ClickLearn applies these changes across your entire project. Every automatic narration within videos is delivered with high-quality voice technology and automatically aligned to the mouse movement and length of text. Every detail can be tailored to your needs using advanced editing features.

The new features of image notes, branching and flows, Microsoft PowerPoint slide integration, redaction, and annotated screenshots are all readily available from within the editing environment.

One-click publishing

ClickLearn Attain is designed to provide the most robust and easy to use publishing available, whether you are serving your end-users from our free-to-use ClickLearn Content Cloud™, delivering your content inside your business applications, integrating content with your LMS, or even deploying to your on-premise web-servers, you will get the same ease of deployment and expected results. Tracking data consistently across all your end-users has never been easier – you now get reliable usage data and statistics for all your learning environments.

We have extended our Content Cloud to allow sign-in from all major platforms, including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Azure Federated Active Directory. You decide, who, when, and where access is granted, delivering best-in-class protection for your process instructions.

You can deploy as many learning portals and create as many learning projects as you need, making ClickLearn Attain the ideal learning and support solution for your entire business.

Instant preview

As you change and update your recordings or learning portal, ClickLearn Attain’s new and rewritten preview engine generates lightning-fast previews of your content, in the style and format you have set up. And even when previewing an entire learning portal with 3000 recordings, ClickLearn instantly gives you access and, through a unique content generation engine, produce all materials as you move through your preview session. Truly a unique, fast, and responsive experience.