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True collaboration

Designed for a modern workplace, ClickLearn Attain delivers a project-oriented and collaborative approach to finishing your learning projects. Whether you are building a 30 language learning portal or just onboarding a handful of users in a small system, ClickLearn Attain delivers the ideal environment to manage, delegate, and complete the tasks.

The best ideas arise in teams

ClickLearn Attain offers a unique team-based approach to creating learning collateral. As your authoring takes you onto larger projects, multiple stakeholders will naturally be an integral part of your delivery. ClickLearn Attain allows you to easily invite stakeholders to your project. Type in an e-mail and a name and they are created as users, assigned privileges based on their role, and invited by e-mail to join your project. Simple, easy, and flexible.

The role concept allows you to granularly grant access, and the new enhanced ClickLearn MetaData layer keeps you updated on progress.

Inviting collaborators to your project is a bliss

Delegate and manage tasks

As you browse through your recordings for your next learning platform, you stumble across some that you are not quite satisfied with. Right-click, create a task, delegate it, set deadlines, follow up and use the task overview to see all outstanding tasks.

Use the Translation view to quickly assign translation and localization tasks to your authoring team so you deliver faster and better content, without the need to maintain project plans and a frequent meeting schedule.

Share resources between projects

With a single click, you can import or link assets, images, PowerPoint slides, recordings, or even entire structures from other projects. Import directly from your desktop and organize all resources in folders. To minimize the risk of data loss, you can provide folder-level security for your team members.

There's no risk of accidentally deleting an asset from your project because ClickLearn Attain maintains full project history, rollback, and per-user information on all changes in your project.