Mastering Acumatica Software Training with ClickLearn 

Mastering Acumatica, a comprehensive ERP solution, can be challenging due to its complex features, customization needs, continuous updates, and the varying technical skills of users. Additionally, balancing the time constraints and productivity pressures in fast-paced business environments adds to the difficulty of effectively learning and implementing Acumatica. For those migrating to Acumatica or seeking an efficient onboarding process, ClickLearn can be gamechanger.
Mastering Acumatica software training
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Joachim Schiermacher
Joachim is the CEO of ClickLearn and a firm believer that documenting your vital business processes and keeping them up-to-date in an agile enterprise is not a trivial task.

The predicament of generic training content

For Acumatica newcomers, the allure of free pre-recorded training content might seem enticing, but the reality often falls short of expectations. The Achilles’ heel of existing Acumatica training content lies in its generic nature. Such one-size-fits-all training materials fail to resonate with users, making it challenging for them to grasp the nuances of their specific workflows and requirements. In an era where tailored, user-centric learning experiences are paramount, the limitations of generic content are evident.

Speed and quality: Building training materials with ClickLearn

One of the key advantages that ClickLearn brings to the table is the remarkable speed with which it creates training materials. This rapid content generation not only saves valuable time but also allows you to build better, more tailored training materials. By navigating your work processes within Acumatica, ClickLearn takes care of writing all the documentation for you.

But here’s where the power of collaboration comes into play. Companies implementing Acumatica can seamlessly collaborate with their Acumatica Service Partners in the creation of content. This collaboration allows multiple organizations to work on the same project, pooling their collective expertise to deliver the best user training possible.

Most organizations migrating to Acumatica are all looking for ways to scale their business.  The free universities don’t help with growth because they offer content that is too generic. ClickLearn enables companies and their partners to build more consumable and functional self-training programs, resulting in documentation that’s scalable, sustainable and systematic.

Clicklearn Writing All Documentation Mockup

Organizations migrating to Acumatica use ClickLearn for scalable, sustainable documentation. With ClickLearn, at hand companies can create custom, user-friendly content in a few clicks.

A more consumable and functional way to self-train

This speed in creating training materials means that you can address the unique aspects of your Acumatica implementation. You’re not constrained by generic content; instead, you can develop training materials that align precisely with your company’s specific processes and requirements, with the added insights and support from your service partner.

The end result is a more consumable and functional way to self-train. Users can access content that’s directly relevant to their work, making their learning journey more efficient and effective. It’s not about generic instructions; it’s about providing the right knowledge at the right time, with the added benefit of collaboration and shared expertise.

ClickLearn: Ensuring uniformity in Acumatica usage

ClickLearn not only accelerates the creation of tailored training materials but also plays a crucial role in ensuring that all employees use Acumatica in a consistent and effective manner. It helps to get all employees to use Acumatica in the same way. This uniformity is of paramount importance for the success of the end customer because having all employees entering the right data in the right places inside the Acumatica ERP is a fundamental requirement for maximizing the benefits of this powerful software.

Scalability and cost-efficiency with ClickLearn

Achieving full employee proficiency in using the Acumatica ERP to its full capacity makes it scalable, which significantly lowers the total cost of ownership. When all employees are on the same page and effectively utilize the software, it streamlines operations and reduces the need for extensive support and maintenance. This not only enhances efficiency but also results in substantial cost savings for the organization.

In a world where efficient onboarding, training, and user adoption are paramount to Acumatica ERP implementation success, ClickLearn offers a solution that optimizes self-reliance, sustainability, and scalability. It simplifies the Acumatica migration, reduces support requests, and ensures that all users follow the same procedures, maximizing the value of this powerful ERP system.

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