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For over 25 years, K3|Pebblestone had been based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. So, when Microsoft announced that it was updating Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, the team saw an opportunity to modernize and rebuild its product from the ground up.
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K3 Pebblestone


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What they need in a digital adoption solution

The company needed to rebuild K3|Pebblestone, an ERP solution for the fashion industry, to run on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (msdyn365bc). When researching digital adoption solutions, a straightforward user experience and simplicity are the core tenets of the design philosophy.

However, with customers in over 30 countries speaking over a dozen languages, ensuring that they all have a seamless onboarding experience would be a challenge. The team needed a multilingual solution to ensure that the new ERP solution could be fully utilized by all customers.


We believe that our new solution should be very easy to use and understand, especially as it’s built on a cloud product. This was the direction we wanted to go.

Aly Breeman, Product Manager, K3|Pebblestone


Implementing ClickLearn

Every feature was designed with usability in mind, and ClickLearn was central to making this possible. K3 wanted to avoid traditional instruction manuals and in-person training because many users don’t have the time out of their busy schedules to read several pages or join classes. Additionally, with users in several different speaking parts of the world, creating materials in so many different languages would be too time consuming and resource intensive.

Therefore, as part of the product development phase, the team used ClickLearn to create videos for every feature of K3|pebblestone, ensuring that each part of the solution had easily understandable videos to explain what it’s there for and how it works.


Each video was created in different languages, ensuring that customers around the world can easily use K3|Pebblestone. 

When the new version of K3|pebblestone launched, ClickLearn provided the platform for all instructional material, for every feature, across multiple languages.



We decided that we wouldn’t release any part of K3|pebblestone without a ClickLearn video and we built this into the product development workflow. The developers created the features, and then consultants made the ClickLearn video around it. Nothing was released without a video.

Aly Breeman, Product Manager, K3|pebblestone


About K3|pebblestone

K3 Business Technologies is an international provider of business technology solutions, with 750 employees spread across the globe, 3,700 customers in over 50 countries, and revenue of over £90m. Its K3|pebblestone product is an ERP solution and designed specifically for organisations in the fashion industry, from manufacturers to distributors and wholesalers of all sizes. 

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