Atradius Boosts Scalability and Efficiency with ClickLearn

Atradius is a global provider of trade credit insurance, bonding, and debt collection services catering to multinational stakeholders across more than 50 countries. As Atradius Flow expands to new markets and languages, they sought an efficient and scalable solution to focus on product rollout while keeping their staff and customers educated about their tool’s capabilities.
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0 minutes
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Atradius boosts scalability and efficiency with ClickLearn





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3650 employees


D365 BC / NAV

The Challenge 

Atradius faced the challenge of maintaining scalability and efficiency for their internal processes while at the same time ensuring continuous support for their customer.

As their Product Owner, Signe Agerbo mentioned: “Throughout our markets Flow is now available in four different countries and it works in four different languages. The growing demand for Atradius Flow dictates that we need to have an efficient and scalable model.“

Their goal was to shift the focus from extensive documentation for stakeholders to rapid product roll out into new markets. Additionally, keeping their staff up-to-date with new functionalities and improvements was crucial to provide exemplary customer service.

Signe Agerbo – Product Owner


As Product Owner of Atradius Flow, Signe’s primary task is to ensure the continuous improvement and development of Atradius Flow, improving scalability and efficiency.

In this role, she is the central point of contact for internal stakeholders and external suppliers. It is her responsibility to secure a successful delivery, coordination, and roll-out onto new markets.

She facilitates the internal training within Atradius for educating local super users, sales, and account managers, as well as developing webinars and seminars for potential customers and prospects.

Further, she is acting as 2nd line support, taking part in troubleshooting, identifying bugs and problem fixing.


Throughout our markets, Flow is now available in four different countries and it works in four different languages. The growing demand for Atradius Flow dictates that we need to have an efficient and scalable model.

Signe Agerbo, Product Owner for Atradius


The Solution 

By implementing ClickLearn, Atradius found the perfect solution to their challenges of scalability and efficiency in document creation. ClickLearn allowed them to update documentation swiftly by clicking through various processes, automatically recording them into multiple languages, videos, and PDF files. This streamlined approach proved to be highly efficient, saving valuable time and effort.

Boost Scalability And Efficiency

The Benefits

The primary benefit for Atradius was the liberation of the product owner’s time from extensive documentation, effectively vastly improving the ability for scalability and efficiency at the company.

ClickLearn empowered them to concentrate on expanding their product into new markets.

ClickLearn’s solution saved time and eliminated the frustration of outdated manuals by allowing Atradius to swiftly capture, record, and deliver accurate documentation to their stakeholders.

Additionally, ClickLearn’s exceptional service and support mitigated the strain of transition. The ClickLearn team provided personalized training sessions, prompt query resolution, and even assisted Atradius in gaining marketing department approvals.



My experience working with the ClickLearn team is probably the best of all.
One thing is the tool being magnificent, but the service level of ClickLearn is just, Beyond! They’re always available whenever you have any questions. They take time out to do training sessions over and over again

Signe Agerbo, Product Owner, Atradius


Looking to the Future

Atradius plans to stay focused on scalability and efficiency.  They are continuing to leverage ClickLearn for the documentation and training of their new application, Flow 2.0, as it plays a pivotal role in their expansion strategy.

Furthermore, Atradius discovered an unexpected benefit of efficiently recording and addressing specific customers queries, even if not initially covered in the documentation. This approach benefits both individual customers and future users by creating a knowledge base of helpful resources.

With ClickLearn, Atradius revolutionized their documentation process by moving away from lengthy end-to-end manuals to smaller, more manageable sections. This transformation resulted in significant time savings, with each work process now taking only three minutes to document. Bite-sized training materials enabled Atradius to keep stakeholders constantly updated on specific features and functionality, eliminating the need for extensive manual revisions.
Overall, Atradius highly recommends ClickLearn to other ISVs, customers, and partners seeking efficient documentation and training material solutions. By leveraging ClickLearn’s expertise, Atradius was able to enhance scalability, improve efficiency, and prioritize market expansion

Boost Scalability And Efficiency

Is documenting manually taking too long?

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