ClickLearn - Feb 27, 2017

Your ClickLearn template setup

Kristine Howkins Lange

Kristine Howkins Lange

Editor in Chief ·

ClickLearn uses a powerful templating system which allows you to control virtually any aspect of the content you produce. When you download and install ClickLearn, it is by default setup with a ClickLearn-branded template. One of the free services included with your active software maintenance agreement is helping you create and maintain your own, company-branded template, allowing all your content produced with ClickLearn to have your own logo, colors etc. To get started on this process, collect the relevant graphical files and send them to our support desk. We need your:

  • Company logo
  • Primary company color (RGB)
  • Preferred hotspot color (RGB) (hotspot is the square box around the button/field in any given step)
  • Word template
  • PowerPoint template
  • Optimal video size (i.e. 1024x576 or other)
  • Intro image for video
  • Outro image for video
  • Cursor image
  • The Live Assist image (your own mascot)

Images and logos should be in the file types png, jpg, bmp or gif.

For inspiration, you may download a zip-file with files from our own default template via this link:

When you have collected all files, please send them in an email with subject "Template" to and we will start the process of building the template for you. Once complete, we will deliver the template to you by email and if needed guide you through the process of setting up the template in your ClickLearn solution.