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70% of all software implementations fail - a key reason is poor user adoption. Whether it is a system upgrade or major implementation, the success of any transformation depends on end-users' ability to adopt changes.

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Click through your work processes to automatically capture and create your documentation and training material. ClickLearn works cross-platform from Excel to ERPs/CRMs, and even in browsers and Windows applications.

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In just a few clicks with ClickLearn, you’ll be able to auto-produce and update training content and documentation in 7 different formats and 45+ languages.

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Become a Partner

Joining the ClickLearn Partner Program earns you money. You expand your solution offering, you capitalize on a value-adding service, and you collect recurring revenue on licences. To ensure your success, we offer co-branded marketing collateral, unlimited webinars, and sales training for your customer-facing employees.

  • Forecast for 2023, The e-learning market is expected to grow a staggering 10%.
  • Cloud-based app store, Microsoft has moved to a cloud-based, app store business model, which enforces vigorous certification and documentation requirement
  • The subscription aspects force partners to think globally, This aspect requires Microsoft partners to on-board customers 24/7 across time zone
  • Customer success is a key metric, Microsoft acknowledges customer success as a key factor in meeting growth goals.
  • Software convergence is the new norm
  • Differentiation is a must! To be successful, high customer loyalty is no longer a goal – it’s a prerequisite.

Digital Adoption & User Training

Auto-produce & update training content and documentation in 7 different formats and 45 languages with just a few clicks.

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