User adoption & onboarding for Acumatica

How to build e-learning for your Acumatica project in minutes


Are you implementing or upgrading to Acumatica and concerned with cumbersome user instruction updates, user adoption challenges, or seeking ways to empower your workforce within the Acumatica platform?

In this webinar you will learn how ClickLearn can be an integral tool in your ERP Change Management plan. With ClickLearn, you will be able to create and present custom training, in multiple formats, to your employees. The learning curve is minimal to get started and the platform allows you to easily maintain accurate processes.


  • Accelerate your content creation process

  • Keep documentation up-to-date

  • Auto–translate user instructions into 45+ languages

  • Enhance user onboarding experience and productivity

  • Test your application’s processes automatically

User Adoption And Onboarding For Acumatica​ Clicklearn
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