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Succeed with your Dynamics Finance & Operations training

User onboarding is directly linked to implementation success. Outdated or partial documentation negatively impacts employee productivity and business outcomes in the long run. Ensure implementation success by supporting your users with a full learning experience in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Use ClickLearn to record your processes in F&O. With a single click, produce a complete e-learning portal in 7 learning formats and 45+ languages and dialects. Support users with step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and process videos, and more.

Benefits of using ClickLearn

For Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and AX adoption the old way

Time & resources are wasted

The benefits explained

Support an evergreen, full learning experience in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Record your processes in F&O. With a single click, produce a complete e-learning portal in 45 languages with step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and process videos.

Turn each new Dynamics 365 update into an opportunity with the Automated Process Testing feature. The software quickly recognizes the latest Dynamics changes and empowers your users to achieve expected benefits and organizational objectives.

#1: Produces training in 7 formats

Ensure the right learning for everyone

ClickLearn produces the right learning format for any Finance and Operations training situation. PowerPoint slides for classroom training, interactive videos for self-learning, .pdf or .docx (Word) for printing and sharing, HTML for SharePoint, website, or even directly in your business application.

7 Learning Formats

#2: Capture every task in Finance and Operations

ClickLearn writes all the documentation

Automate your content production. Simply click through your work processes in Finance and Operations. Our digital adoption platform creates the documentation for you.

You’ll be able to create a full set of documentation, interactive videos, and training materials. It builds these into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

#3: Maintain & automatically update documentation

Keep your documentation up-to-date

Rise above the update cycle with automatic update features for documentation. 

Automatically update your Finance & Operations documentation and training materials when changes are made.

 Upgrading from AX to F&O? ClickLearn is the ideal solution.

Embedded In Your Customer Engagement

#4: Embedded in your Finance and Operations

Works inside the platform

ClickLearn is embeded in all Dynamics 365 products so you can with live, on-screen guidance inside the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations creat high quality and compliant training documents. You can work across platforms for full coverage through various business processes and non-support programs.

#5: Your own eLearning portal

A user adoption portal for your users and staff

Build an interactive library covering each business process related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O training and encourage users to troubleshoot independently. It will save time and reduce support costs by using a digital adoption platform that keeps your documentation automatically updated and centrally accessible to your employees around the clock.

Implement Immediately At No Cost

#6: Implement immediately at no cost

We make your digital adoption a succes

We help you implement and train your training managers so they know how to use ClickLearn for Finance and Operations.

Together, we set goals for your company, training managers and the staff. so you succeed with your digital transformation. Implementation, support and guidance is free in ClickLearn.

#7: Record across platforms

Create e-learning across platforms

We understand that most business tasks span multiple applications, including both old and new technology. 

ClickLearn supports the way employees work in their Dynamics 365 solutions, by enabling you to record processes across all Microsoft and other web-based applications. Create and curate a digital adoption plan tailored to your organization.

What makes projects zing?

ClickLearn customers share their digital adoption success stories.


Compared to other commodities, food has a short lifespan with dire consequences for safety and the bottom line of customers if it isn’t tracked properly. Schouw must update its product at lightning speeds to continuously meet customer needs. Faced with these challenges, Schouw adopted ClickLearn to speed up its process for creating documentation in MicrosoftDynamics.


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Best ways to learn Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Effectively learning how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365 FO) demands a comprehensive approach that marries theoretical knowledge with practical application. It’s essential to incorporate a mix of interactive tutorials, hands-on practices, and in-depth walkthroughs in your D365 FO training content.

Adapting the learning experience to individual preferences – whether through visual, auditory, or physical engagement – is crucial for gaining a deep and practical understanding of D365 FO. Implementing real-world examples and direct application exercises further enhances user comprehension, making the learning more applicable and impactful.

ClickLearn is a flexible learning and digital adoption platform for D365 FO, accommodating various learning styles, and contextual and workflow learning. The realistic scenarios and interactive guides are designed to tailor the D365 FO learning experience to meet your organizational needs, significantly enhancing practical software proficiency.

How to learn Dynamics 365 F&O with ClickLearn

ClickLearn makes learning complex software like Dynamics 365 F&O easy. Get started in four simple steps: 

01 | Start a new recording

Log in to your ClickLearn account, and begin recording session.

02 | Click through your process

Proceed through your business operations in D365 FO. ClickLearn captures your workflow, creating custom training materials for D365 FO.

03 | Check your recording

The authoring tool automatically creates a variety of formats, from slideshows to interactive simulations, videos, and detailed guides.

04 | Start training your team

Introduce your up-to-date software training content across your organization and monitor its effectiveness and adoption.

Developing impactful training content for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

The creation of effective training materials for Dynamics 365 FO involves striking a balance of educational content and engaging elements. Training resources should guide learners from basic principles to sophisticated functionalities, presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Employing real-world scenarios solidifies the software’s practical business applications.

Include various interactive elements, such as quizzes, simulations, and scenario-based tasks, to accommodate different learning styles. Videos that showcase D365 FO capabilities or provide expert insights can also enhance the educational experience. Regularly updating training materials to reflect the latest D365 FO developments and best practices is essential to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

With ClickLearn, you can easily create vibrant, multimedia training materials, including videos and interactive quizzes. The automated updates ensure that your training content remains in sync with the latest D365 FO features, providing learners with advanced training tools.

Keep training costs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O at bay

Training expenses for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations can vary, influenced by the extent and depth of the training program. Thorough D365 FO training boosts efficiency and productivity, leading to a significant return on investment.

When planning your training budget, consider costs such as instructor fees, expenses for developing and updating materials, and investments in hands-on training tools. Also, evaluate indirect benefits like enhanced user satisfaction, decreased error rates, and more streamlined operations, all contributing to a robust ROI.

ClickLearn provides a cost-effective training solution for D365 FO, encompassing a wide range of training aspects at a competitive pricing structure. Our advanced recording technology and eLearning platform enable organizations to enhance their training efficiency and productivity for D365 FO.

How to tailor Dynamics 365 F&O training for specific industry needs

Customizing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations training is critical to address the unique challenges of different industries:


focus D365 FO training on streamlining supply chain operations, optimizing inventory management, and enhancing financial reporting. Emphasize the integration of omni-channel retail strategies and real-time analytics for inventory and sales data.


tailor D365 FO training to concentrate on managing financial operations, including budgeting and cost control, and optimizing procurement processes for medical supplies. Highlight D365 FO’s capabilities in handling complex regulatory compliance requirements and financial reporting.

Financial Services

customize D365 FO training to focus on robust financial management, including ledger and budget planning, risk management, and compliance reporting. Emphasize D365 FO’s ability to integrate with other financial systems and manage global financial transactions efficiently.


adapt D365 FO training to cover advanced supply chain management, including procurement, material resource planning (MRP), and inventory control. Stress D365 FO’s capabilities in production control, project management, and the integration of IoT for enhanced real-time production insights and predictive analytics.

Microsoft D365 F&O training FAQ

ClickLearn offers a unique blend of interactive learning tools, including automated process documentation, e-learning portals, and hands-on simulations, tailored to enhance the learning experience for Dynamics 365 F&O.

ClickLearn delivers a range of training materials for Dynamics 365 F&O, including step-by-step instructions, interactive simulations, and video tutorials, all designed to cater to different learning styles and needs.

Yes, ClickLearn allows for customization of training content to align with specific roles and responsibilities in Dynamics 365 F&O, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Yes, with ClickLearn you can keep your documentation updated to reflect the latest changes in Dynamics 365 F&O, ensuring users have access to current information and guidance.