Dynamics 365 - Aug 02, 2019

Meet BE-terna - ClickLearn first authorised partner in Germany

We are very happy that our trusted partner BE-terna GmbH from Germany has entered the ClickLearn Authorized Partner Program.

Having spent more than 7000 hours using ClickLearn, producing over 1000 recordings and a staggering number of 3000 instructional videos, the company has gathered a great deal of experience and know-how since June 2017.

BE-terna uses ClickLearn extensively throughout all phases of its projects, expanding its professional services to onboarding and continuous learning. By incorporating ClickLearn into its business model, BE-terna has been able to build closer relationships with its clients, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

The Authorized Partner Program provides the company with an optimal platform to make the most of its ClickLearn investment: Now it can not only use ClickLearn as a value-added service, but also resell ClickLearn's enterprise licenses.

We are very much looking forward to continue the close cooperation with BE-terna and its customers, as well as to joint marketing activities such as customer days and other cobranding activities. Welcome to the ClickLearn family.