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Innovia Con 2024

May 16.05 – 17.05, 2024 | Denver, USA

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Booth Meeting
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Sponsor Session
Learn more about AI-driven onboarding with our new UXP Launch

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Session with ClickLearn

Discover the Future with AI-DRIVEN ONBOARDING

Join us for a game-changing experience! You’re invited to an exclusive session with Fadi Kanaan and Christine Eltz, where we’ll unveil the latest ClickLearn innovations that will redefine your learning journey. In a brief session, Fadi and Christine will show you how ClickLearn has evolved to empower you in your moment of need.

Imagine accessible, efficient learning experiences at your fingertips, precisely when needed. This is not just an update; it’s a learning revolution. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your proficiency, shape the future of learning, and be part of something extraordinary.

Your learning journey is about to reach new heights.

Uxp Summery
Fadi Kanaan Director Of Strategic Partnerships Na Innovia Con 2024

We are real humans

Meet the ClickLearn team at Innovia Con 2024

Fadi Khann Clicklearn

Fadi Kanaan

Director of Strategic Pertnerships

Christine Eltz

Christine Eltz

Customer Success Manager

Cornelia Rosenberger

Cornelia Rosenberger

Partner Marketing Manager

About the conference

Step into the forefront of innovation with ClickLearn at Innovia Con 2024! As proud sponsors of this transformative event, we invite you to explore our cutting-edge solutions designed to drive your business toward unprecedented success. Visit us at our table to schedule a personalized demo and uncover firsthand how our innovative tools can streamline your processes and elevate productivity to new heights. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Connect with industry leaders, engage with our team of experts, and delve into the future of technology at Innovia Con 2024. Join ClickLearn and embark on a journey of discovery and empowerment. See you there!

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Clicklearn On Summit Na 2022
Clicklearn At Community Summit Na 2022

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How is software training changing
Case story
Dura Serv
Product Launch
UXP features explained
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Want to learn more about improving your user adoption or are you interested in a demo of our newly launched UXP?

ClickLearn Session

Friday, May 17th 10:40 am

Our Sessions are usually fully booked. Make sure there is a chair with your name on it.