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Training for Dynamics 365 CE has never been easier

User adoption and training are often overlooked aspects when upgrading or implementing a new solution. ClickLearn integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and makes your training and digital e-learning embedded in the platform. 

Many companies need to have allocated resources to document and train the entire organization. ClickLearn automates content production and makes it compliant with your company standards. We want you to know that we ensure you succeed with your digital transformation in your Customer Engagement project and free up your resources for other business-critical tasks. 

Benefits of using ClickLearn

For Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and CRM 

... user adoption the old way

time & resources are wasted

The benefits explained

You can produce training in seven different formats to support a full learning experience in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. You can record your processes in CE and with a single click, produce a complete e-learning portal in 45 languages with step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and process videos. The Replay feature makes it possible to turn each new Dynamics 365 update into an opportunity to quickly onboard the latest Dynamics features and empower your users to achieve expected benefits and organizational objectives.

#1: Produces training in 7 formats

Ensure the right learning for everyone

ClickLearn produces the right learning format for any training situation in Customer Engagement. PowerPoint slides for classroom training, interactive videos for self-learning, .pdf or .docx (Word) for printing and sharing, HTML for SharePoint, website, or even directly in your business application.

7 Learning Formats
Clicklearn Writes All The Documentation Customer Engagement

#2: Capture every task in Customer Engagement

ClickLearn writes all the documentation

Simply click through your work processes in Customer Engagement, and our digital adoption platform does the work for you. By automating your content production with ClickLearn, you can create a full set of documentation, interactive videos, and training materials and build these into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE.

#3: Maintain & automatically update documentation

Keep your documentation up-to-date

Automatically update documentation and training materials when changes are made to Customer Engagement. ClickLearn is the ideal solution when upgrading from CRM to CE.

Keep Your Documentation Up To Date Customer Engagement
Embedded In Your Customer Engagement

#4: Embedded in your D365 Customer Engagement

Works inside the platform

ClickLearn is embeded in all Dynamics 365 products so you can with live, on-screen guidance inside the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement creates high quality and compliant training documents. You can work across platforms for full coverage through various business processes and non-support programs.

#5: Your own eLearning portal

A user adoption portal for your users and staff

Build an interactive library covering each business process related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE training and encourage users to troubleshoot independently. It will save time and reduce support costs by using a digital adoption platform that keeps your documentation automatically updated and centrally accessible to your employees around the clock.

Your Own Elearning Portal Customer Engagement
Implement Immediately At No Cost

#6: Implement immediately at no cost

We make your digital adoption a success

We help you implement and train your training managers so they know how to use ClickLearn in Customer Engagement. We together set goals for your company, training managers and the staff so you succeed with your digital transformation. Implementation, support and guidance are free in ClickLearn.

#7: Record across platforms

Create e-learning across platforms

We understand that most business tasks span multiple applications, including both old and new technology. 

ClickLearn supports the way employees work in their Dynamics 365 solutions, by enabling you to record processes across all Microsoft and other web-based applications. Create and curate a digital adoption plan tailored to your organization.

Record Across Platforms Customer Engagement

What makes projects zing?

ClickLearn customers share their digital adoption success stories.


Georg Fischer needed support with fast documentation updates and multilanguage support when it comes to keeping up with all the Dynamics 365 updates. ClickLearn’s Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement solution was exactly what the organization was looking for.


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