Happy customers and partners is our core business

1.140 minutes

of video watched every month! We have various how-to videos, demos and webinar replays on the website

3000 Sessions/year

Online help sessions every year ClickLearn authors who use our online learning portal every year for self-paced training.

5 minutes

When ClickLearn authors use our online learning portal, they spend an average of 5 minutes getting self-paced training, before returning to ClickLearn.


Wednesday between 2PM and 4PM (UTC) is the most popular day and time for people using our self-paced online learning portal.

86,1% needs NO help

Only 13,9% of our authors seek help from our online learning portal after 1 month of using ClickLearn

Product Documentation

Is the most popular book in our online help portal. The second most popular book is ClickLearn Assist.

The United States

Authors from The United States are using our Online learning portal the most. Germany and the United Kingdom is number two and three.

2300+ Authors

Over 2300 authors across partners and corporate customers are using ClickLearn to document their business processes.

210 requests/month

Our customer care team helps solve an average of 210 requests for tips, issues and consultancy every month.

8 Years as ISV Partners

as Microsoft ISV partners. ClickLearn is committed to Microsoft Technology. We have been Microsoft partners since the beginning and today we are still Microsoft ISV Gold Partners.

2016 Awards

IFS Partner of the year At the 2016 IFS World Conference, ClickLearn was recognized with the prestigious ‘Partner of the year’ award by IFS.

2017 Nominations

in 2017 ClickLearn has been shortlisted as finalists for two IFS awards: the ‘Most Innovative partner’ and ‘Partner of the year’ award.

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ClickLearn is trusted to provide business critical E-learning to end-users in more than 24 countries across the world.


authors across partners and corporate customers are using ClickLearn to document their business processes.

What difference does ClickLearn make?

“Hands down, ClickLearn is the most efficient solution on the market for creating and updating user instructions both written and interactive”

Martin Kerr, President of Bestborn Business Solutions

Save 50-80% of your time

ClickLearn writes the user instructions for you

  1. Walk through the process once in Dynamics 365
  2. ClickLearn documents each step
  3. You get consistently high-quality user instructions
  4. Formatted to your corporate template

ClickLearn Recognizes changes

Using our unique Replay feature, ClickLearn will go through all your learning materials and work instructions.

When a change that breaks your process is recognized, ClickLearn will stop at your change:

  • Pop open the Click and Continue feature.
  • Let you select the appropriate action (remove, change, add to procedure)
  • Continue and finalize your new revision.

Just hit produce, and ClickLearn will produce a new revision of all your learning materials.

This is ideal for App Upgrades, modifications, process changes, or multi-language production of all your user instructions.

Turn any task into learning materials

You don't need to be an expert

Just go though the process in your system, and ClickLearn will turn that into 7 different learning materials. You do not have to be an expert technical writer to create written instructions, a skilled video editor or hire voice talent to do narration.


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