Podcast - Nov 28, 2022

#6 - Digital Adoption is Scalability - w/Daniel Garcia

Rasmus Abrahamsen

Rasmus Abrahamsen

Marketing Manager · rab@clicklearn.com

How are software vendors offering globally scalable training solutions that address problems with documentation and training in rapid-release cycles?


There’s a lot of new technology for people to learn. The tools are available now that support collaboration and communication. It’s possible to create and maintain everything, with minimal resources, while exponentially increasing the value for end users –according to guest Danny Garcia-Campos (VP Strategic Alliances, ClickLearn). He explains how to set up the foundation to transcend a transactional experience and form a collaborative revenue-plus model that is mutually beneficial.


How do I best onboard my users?

How do I increase their user performance?

And how do I prevent churn to impact my revenue stream?