Podcast - Jan 08, 2023

#8 - Essential User Adoption Tips for D365 w/Rachel Profitt

Rasmus Abrahamsen

Rasmus Abrahamsen

Marketing Manager · rab@clicklearn.com

 What is most crucial when starting a digital transformation? Get insight from Microsoft FastTrack Solutions Architect (and TED Talks speaker) Rachel Profitt. She helps customers deploy their environments, get things set up and get them running–and she is sharing her insights on digital adoption for F&O here. Stick around to the end, and you’ll get her 3 most important tips for starting your digital adoption journey off right.  

Psst: Profitt believes the most critical foundation for the digital transformation journey is for to customers make connections between technology and ISV solutions and then tie them to business goals. Stating plainly, “If you don't start there, you're never going to get to the end result you want.”