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Digital Adoption Talks

Listen in when Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP Rick McCutcheon and ClickLearn CEO Joachim Schiermacher invites industry experts to talk about Digital Adoption.


Joachim Schiermacher

Joachim Schiermacher

Chief Executive Officer

Rick McCutcheon

Rick McCutcheon

Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP


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CL Episode 5
Featuring Daniel Garcia  |  November 28, 2022

#6 - Digital Adoption is Scalability w/Daniel Garcia

There’s a lot of new technology for people to learn. The tools are available now that support collaboration and communication. It’s possible to create and maintain everything, with minimal resources, while exponentially increasing the value for end users –according to guest Danny Garcia-Campos (VP Strategic Alliances, ClickLearn). He explains how to set up the foundation to transcend a transactional experience and form a collaborative revenue-plus model that is mutually beneficial.

Eps. 5 JC Quintana 3 Persons (1) (1)
Featuring JC Quintana  |  November 6, 2022

#5 - Forget about the technology - w/JC Quintana

This is a fast-paced discussion on communications, learning, and CRM that delves into the role of the Microsoft partner in implementing technologies around communications and digital adoption. How do digital relationships affect sales organizations?

CL Episode 4
Featuring Louis Trahan  |  October 14, 2022

#4 - Training the way you knew it is dead–w/ Louis Trahan

Get tips for creating virtual learning programs that are adapted for the future. Learn how to refactor programs for IT and the soft skills space. Clear the path for success by avoiding these common pitfalls of creating & delivering virtual learning experiences.  Most importantly, find out what’s almost always missing from instructors–and curriculum builders–skill sets and what kind of teams organizations need to put together to ensure outstanding virtual learning

CL Episode 3
Featuring Chuck Ingram  |  September 30, 2022

#3 - How to Achieve Digital Transformation in Sales w/Chuck Ingram

Chuck, Rick, and Joachim get into the digitalisation of the sales process and how it can be an obstacle for organisations, their salespeople, and the way they are set up to sell.   Chuck will also tell why ghosting is not always ghosting in a non-linear sales process and lay out 3 ways to keep focus on the client instead of the project.   You will hear about what you can do to adapt to the digital buying process while leveraging the advantages of the professional sales team. And learn about how to support user adoption to drive effectiveness – especially for the not-so-tech-savvy salespeople in your organisation.

CL Episode 2[2]
Featuring Mr. AJ Ansari  |  September 19, 2022

#2 - Digital Adoption Strategies w/AJ Ansari

In this episode of Digital Adoption Talks our hosts Joachim Schiermacher and Rick McCutcheon has invited Microsoft MVP and COO of DSWi Mr. AJ Ansari to talk about digital adoption strategies and we touch upon the general landscape of digital adoption. The panel will also take a look at how the Microsoft Partners can be ahead of their competitors when it comes to digital transformation.

CL Episode 1[76]
June 15, 2022

#1 - The main cause of user adoption issues in Dynamics 365

In this pilot episode we will be talking about a recent poll we made in which we asked "What is the main cause of user adoption issues in Dynamics 365 projects." - A solid poll with over 12.000 industry people viewing the poll and more than 300 participating.